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Access Published Information and the Rights to Share It

CCC’s licensing solutions are designed to help you discover, access, share and manage content anytime, anywhere, while respecting the copyrights of others.?

Get Content Faster

With CCC’s RightFind solutions, you and your colleagues can connect instantly to full-text articles from your subscriptions, open access channels, your local holdings, and?document delivery.?Learn more.

Drive Growth, Reinvent Content

With our extensive expertise in professional services that help corporations leverage people, process, and technology, we help businesses drive growth by reinventing the way they derive value from data and content.?

Share Published Content, Show Movies, Add Music to Presentations and Videos Company-wide

CCC licenses?complement your organization’s subscriptions?and purchases by?giving?your?company a?common set of?storage and re-use rights?across?a broad repertory?of journals, blogs, news publications and books;?and?the rights?to?show scenes and full-length movies and TV shows. Copyright compliance is simple when you have comprehensive content usage rights for?all of your employees around the world. Learn more.

Improve the Results of Your Text Mining Efforts

CCC’s?RightFind? for XML solution enables you to make discoveries and connections that can only be found in?full-text. You can obtain XML- formatted content from publications you subscribe to and discover articles that fall outside of company subscriptions, giving you the most complete article collection for mining. Learn more.

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