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Maximize the ROI of your digital information investment

R&D-intensive companies must accelerate research and?drive innovation to compete effectively.? Knowledge Managers invest in a wide range of resources to ensure their organizations stay on the cutting edge. But to maximize the value of their digital information assets, organizations must eliminate data silos to make content more discoverable and accessible.

RightFind??Navigate ?unifies data sources within an open integration?ecosystem to maximize the value of an organization’s digital information assets and enables knowledge workers?with contextualized discovery to find the right information at the right time.

Key Capabilities

  • Unify data sources: ?Eliminate data silos to increase awareness of content resources and maximize the value?of your digital information assets.
  • Personalize the search experience: Find the right content for each knowledge worker?at the right time.
  • Smarter information discovery: Perform aggregated search via a unified search experience that displays the data most meaningful to users and enables connections across multiple data sources.
  • Enable insights: Explore information relationships with semantically enriched, dynamic visualizations?to accelerate insights by uncovering hidden information relationships?and enrich the R&D pipeline with new ideas.

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